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MaxMORIX Business Design guides you on the path to greater success through innovation and sustainability.

Our solution methodology:


Innovation driven processes to design required new products, methods and services.

Quality Control (QC):

Three-dimensional background parameters of Economic, social, and environmental aspects.

Core objective:

Generate sustainable  financial benefits for companies and organizations, and take action to save our planet Earth and ensure well-being for our future generations.   In line with our global vision we are pleased to offer our Consulting & Advisory services in the the following areas:

Business Sustainability

Business Strategy

Product- and Services design and implementation

Web design

Inbound Marketing / Social Media

Specialised Communication

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We are all ears when it comes to your needs.

 ▪ We support you to bridge your identified gap areas.

 ▪ We identify your "pain areas" and deactivate them.

 ▪ We make no promises, but assist you to ensure designing an effective solution to the identified challenges as a part of your extended management team.

 ▪ We focus on creating and grooming your in-house management bandwidth for sustainability.

▪ We develop a niche market based on your available resources without any major additional investment.

 ▪ We care for your business and use our knowledge and skills and assist you to grow your business and to be more successful.








Connect with the world.

Continuous communication and learning is of great importance for all levels of our society. Social, cultural and economical factors must be integrated into our overall communication behaviour.

No generation in human history had such a multitude of opportunities to gain knowledge in seconds and to spread their opinion in a variety of channels, as this is the case today. Therefore we need to integrate communications into a holistic process.

Since the entire development is mainly based on digital communications, all communication activities must take this into account.

Web activities and interaction:

We of MaxMorix Design assist  you through the whole process.

 Our professional guidance is mainly based on:

       . Professional Web Design

       . Social Media Integration / Inbound Marketing

       . Create and manage blogs.

Don't  let your customer's "buy a pig in a Poke".

Today's customers expect products and services that are fully aligned to sustainability. In practice this means, materials, technology, and implementation must meet these requirements.

However, when MaxMorix Design starts a project/task, we adopt a holistic approach under consideration of economical, cultural and ecological principles.This will be achieved mainly through the following project-business rules:

​​Use of products and services that guarantee a productive, profitable and sustainable use of natural resources, and includes alternative and fast growing materials.

Projects will be implemented taking into account the social, economic and environmental aspects that prevail in the respective region or subjects.

Exploiting full potential of synergies, this in turn will enhance efficiency and contribute to financial success.

Our professional guidance is mainly based on:

Design of new products and services

Re-Design of products and services

Market analyses

Corporate Identity concepts


The New Age of communication.

Communication is our lifeline, both on a personal level as well as in everyday business or social life.

From the beginning of mankind, communication has affected our lives dramatically. The way and what was communicated often triggered conflicts or helped to solve them positively.

The everyday business life is nothing without targeted communication measures.

We at MaxMorix have years of experience in the field of communication.

MaxMorix specialises in developing customised communication strategies and guide implementing the same most cost optimally to reach to your target audience.

We at MaxMorix make use of the most appropriate means of communication and communication channels efficiently and effectively.

MaxMorix stands for professional communication, which is based on sound knowledge and pioneering practices by smartly practicing a consistent way of an open, continuous, forward-looking communications strategy.

MaxMorix is your reliable partner when it comes to spread your messages consistently and unambiguously.

Designing a success strategy is an Art as well as a Science.

 “The Expert Board” is an unique cost effective strategic online management solution initiative for Swiss SMEs.

Developing an effective strategy requires years ofexperience in managing various industries andmanagement disciplines, with proven ability toconceptualise out of the box solution for any critical business challenge. It’s indeed a rare combination of art and science to make or break

“The Expert Board” specialists will guide you online as to how to create/develop a niche market/service for your own company based on your existing available resources and by grooming in-house CXO/CEO level management bandwidth, without any major additional investment.




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